Database Marketing

Database Marketing Solutions

Pacific Media Mania solves some of the most painful problems in the outbound sales process — sourcing the right prospects, personalizing content at scale, and generating marketing leads.

We aggregate data from the Internet to create a customer intelligence database, generating leads of corporate email address, phone, address, and more. The database is self-updating and ever growing.

Company / Business Database Lists

Database marketing is an absolutely necessary for success in business. At Pacific Media Mania, we provide our client with targeted data or business information. Information available in each record: Name of the decision maker, Company name, Company address, Email address, Telephone numbers. Let us help you find your perfect leads from our database consisting of mainly corporate database and business information in Singapore & Malaysia, enabling you to target with precision affluent decision makers in various industries... and many more!

Business Email List Rental

With the rental service, Pacific Media Mania offers you access to email lists with up to 200,000 PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen). This will help you connect with your target audience. We run a full-service email broadcast service – from campaign creatives to email marketing and list rental. Our broadcasts are done in-house. So, we can attend to every aspect of your campaign. Detailed reports are provided after your broadcast, with full tracking and campaign statistics.

Data Scraping Solution

Don't see what you want? We can help you to increase your customer acquisition through online lead generation. At Pacific Media Mania, we can find email addresses in seconds and connect with people that matter for your business. Let us help you find your perfect email leads with our highly efficient platform to collect email addresses. Given a list of website domains or company names, we will search through the web and find all email addresses that are publicly available for these companies. Then, we verify the entire list of email addresses to ensure validity and deliverability.

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